New 2019 System Is Here

The BBQ Coach has invented a Heavy Duty DIY Steel Framing System that is Super Strong and requires the least amount of cutting.  This is made possible by a combination of our pre-cut parts, Welded Tube Corners and No Cut Steel Connectors.

For a 100% No Cut System that You can just screw together plan your outdoor kitchen with our 4 and 5 ft modules 32" Depth and use our Brand Specific Appliance Cutout Kits that are pre-cut.

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Bbq Coach System is your best choice to build an Amazing Outdoor Kitchen

STEP 1. Select Modules

Bbq Coach Offers 8ft, 5ft and 4ft long module frames. These modules are easily connected to one another with connector plates allowing you to build any length island needed.  The Standard pre-cut depth is 32".  Plan your outdoor kitchen with these size modules to avoid cutting. If a custom length module is needed you can easily trim the four Length Wall Tracks. If a custom depth module shorter than 32" is needed you can easily trim the four 32" end frame tracks.

note: 2 connector plates needed per union of two modules sold separate.

STEP 2. Select Cutout Kits

For each of your chosen appliances you will need a matching cutout kit sold separately. Example: a grill you need a grill cutout kit, for a door you need a door cutout kit and so on...

Cutout kits are installed after you assemble your module frames. This allows you the freedom to position them wherever you like.

Universal Cutout kits include a combination of pre-cut parts for 32" depth modules only plus extra length parts that can be trimmed down to fit your specific brand.


Select Enough 4ft, 5ft & 8ft Modules to fill your space. Standard Depth 32"

Select Universal or Brand Specific Cutout Kits for each of your Appliances.

STEP 3. Select Upgrades

Upgrade your outdoor kitchen with a backsplash and overhangs.  You can combine our 6" back splash with our 12" over hang kit to create a split bar counter. For a back splash higher than 6" you can add the 12" over hang kit and mount it on top creating an 18" high back splash. 

4 Ft & 1Ft  Lengths only.  To save the most money we mass produce 4ft & 1Ft long kits of the back splash and over hang kits. You will install one section at a time and then trim the last section to fit if needed.

Add Beautiful Upgrades to Your Outdoor Kitchen inexpensively.

STEP 4. Needed Extras

Screws, Air Vents, Hidden Bar Supports, Connector Plates, decking board strips, stucco, shims are all sold separate. Our System does not include cement board as it is too heavy to ship. Use 1/2" thick Durrock or Perma Base cement board sold at Home Depot or Lowes for around $10 per 3ft x5ft sheet. If you have a truck buy 8ft long sheets so you will have less seams on your siding.

Needed Extras like Screws, Air Vents, Connector plates all sold separate.

Lynne Used The Shopping List Service
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I'm very glad I decided to utilize your product. I get get so many compliments on how it looks and even got compliments from the building inspector on how well constructed it is.                           John Williams    Orlando, Florida