BBQ COACH Open Egg Kit

The Open Egg Kit is a very popular way to house your Kamado Smoker into your outdoor kitchen island.   

SAFETY: Make sure to secure your smoker so that it can not fall over and seriously hurt someone.   Read all instructions for BUILT IN use from your smokers owner manual regarding proper installation.

Ways to Secure your Egg From Falling Over

- Install a thick piece of exterior plywood on top of the platform frame and screw it to the steel supports.

            then cover the plywood with a sheet of cement board (secure to plywood and frame with cement board

           screws) to act as a heat shield and protect the wood from fire

- Another option is to have your granite slab or concrete slab counter top wrap around the front of the smoker

          which is an excellent way from keeping it in place.


Download Instructions

Make sure your platform is high enough so that the lid can open without hitting the  finsihed counter top.


Example of using a concrete slab to secure your Kamado and to also make a nice concrete platform for it to stand on.

xl green egg.jpg