Framing a Larger compnent below a more narrow counter top appliance

Grill with Doors or Combo Below

We recommend to always buy doors or combo door/drawers that are equal or less than the cutout width of the grill.  This way they will fit between the left and right grill support studs that hold up your heavy grill.  

If you have a door that is wider than the grill and can not return it then it is possible to create a frame that will work in this situation but it is not as strong as our preferred design.  See drawing/instructions below

Framing Video shows how to install double drawers below side burner

Slide In Sideburner with Double Drawers Below

It is popular to have double drawers below the side burner.

Always frame the double drawers first!

Then frame in the slide in side burner second.

With the BBQ Coach slide in side burner kit you will also need to purchase an extra track 1 5/8 x 4ft + 1or2 extra studs 1 5/8x35"

Position the welded tube corners in the rear of the frame and use regular studs in the front which is the reverse of the standard slide in side burner installation when no drawer is located below it.


ALWAYS FRAME The Double Drawers First and the frame in the slide in side burner.  The first thing we do is cut an extra stud and screw it on the top of the above drawer track in location A shown above.

This track will become the new base to add studs for our side burner.

images (1).jpg

With A drop in side burner (control knobs face the sky you do not have to worry about special framing as opposed to using a slide in side burner (control knobs face forward