CTT Counter Top Support

with Horizontal Connectors

BBQ Coach is the inventor and Manufacturer of Horizontal Connectors for Steel Framing.  These connectors make it So Easy to install counter top supports.

BBQ COACH Connectors are Safe - Stronger - Faster and give you more Precision.

Counter Top supports are used in the counter top where you have a large open space of 28" or more. They are also used under cement board seams in the counter top. We recommend a full support under each edge of the cement board seam.

When you had a horizontal support you are increasing the horizontal strength of your frame significantly!

On You Tube and many other places you will see non professionals demonstrating counter top supports with home made dog ear cuts. This is incorrect construction and a clear sign that the person is not a professional steel framer.   Before BBQ Coach had the new connectors we showed people to use a CT track to mount horizontal studs which gives maximum strength and will not break.