New 2019 Cutout Kit Instructions.

New 2019 Cutout Kits for orders shipped after Sept 10, 2018.

The New Kits have more pre-cut parts saving you a lot of time and hassle when you use our standard 32" depth modules.  BBQ Coach Goal is to provide our clients with as much pre-cut parts as possible so they can just screw it together.   Our new brand specific cutout kits the offer no cutting also use the instruction diagrams below. The only difference is we pre cut the width tracks.

Universal Grill Cutout + Door Cutout

OPEN EGG CUTOUT                                                                               

Double Drawers Below a Slide In Side Burner                                  Vertical Drawer / XL Drawer / Triple Combo Assembly

XL Drawer Kit                          Vertical Drawer Kit                  Triple Combo Kit            Sink/Drop in Side Burner/Ice Bin
Open Egg Kit                 Grill/Side Burner/Bar Center       Self Standing Grill Cart Kit                Fridge Kit
     Door Kit                                 Drop Down Burner Kit

Drawer Cutout

In the picture to the left you can see the support track labeled CTT.   This supports your drawer within the module.   The CTT is connected to the bottom door track with a BBQ Coach Horizontal Connector.  The rear is supported with a small 4 inch stud.   The 4" stud is first screwed into the taller 35" wall stud to secure it.  If you do not want to  use the 4" stud another option is to use a BBQ Coach vertical connector in the rear. (sold separately)


The XL Drawer kit is the same system. The only difference is it has a second CTT support.