2018 Diagonal Corner Module


Warning: The Diagonal parts in this kit have very sharp edges. Wear gloves at all times even to unpack the box. Wear eye protection at all times

A 14 x 20 vertical door fits best on the angle of this module.  12x12 is also good.


A Square package is shown above. It consists of 2ea 4" tracks and 1ea 4" stud.

These parts can be made from your scraps from cutout kits or you can order them from our website under needed extras. If you order them pre made you will need 3 sets.  If you make them yourself for top and bottom of the 3 rear corners of the diagonal corner module cut 12ea 4" tracks and 6ea 4" studs.

Normally with welded tube corners you do not need square packages. But with this special module we found that when we screwed in the front diagonal gap parts it is easy to pull the rear corners out of square. So to avoid frustration we recommend you add the square packages before installing the diagonal gap parts.